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 We believe that true health begins on the inside

We offer yoga classes and for all body types and fitness levels.  We have classes that are gentle, calming and healing, as well as challenging classes that are hot and vigorous.

Our programs and services empower you to be your absolute best

Often, people think they need to lose weight before starting yoga.  If this is you, you can find information on our nutrition programs which are a perfect compliment to our classes.  They teach the absolute basics step-by-step in a group setting, or in-depth one-on-one coaching to give you laser-focused support and accountability.

We want you to live a full life physically, emotionally, & spiritually  

We encourage you to start wherever you are.  Contact us and we can support you to get registered for the right class.
Ever wonder if you’re going to be the only one not knowing what to do, what to wear, where to go, and what to bring to a yoga class?  Start here!

We will give you the tools to get there, and stay there!

FREE “New To Yoga” Workshop
@ Logansport  Studio

Join others brand new to yoga for this free workshop where you will learn the foundational postures of a yoga class.
First, we will open the body with deep breathing exercises designed to melt away stress and tension.
You will build strength and balance with standing poses and a series of sun salutations.
Finally, we will end class with a guided relaxation to bring you into the deep calm of the present moment.
Leave feeling relaxed and flexible, yet energized and awake. This workshop will give you the tools you need to choose the perfect Bodyworks yoga class for you. Whether it’s a vigorous, challenging class or a gentle healing class, we will find the right spot for you.
This friendly, approachable workshop will introduce you to all of the benefits of yoga in a non-competitive, warm and inviting environment.
All you need to do is show up! Park on the South side of the building and enter where it says Bodyworks. Wear comfortable clothes, no socks…no shoes… and bring a yoga mat if you have one! Otherwise we have mats for rent for just $1.
New things are always better with a friend! Grab a friend and sign-up today!!!!

Foundations Workshop

@ Logansport Studio  

Are you interested in taking time to break down the yoga postures and learn the details and benefits?
In foundations of yoga, we slow down the class and through repetitive movement and workshop style teaching, give you detailed information on the yoga postures, how they build on one another, and how the breath weaves into the class to create a balanced, effective class that leaves you feeling better than you did when you came in.
This 4 week series is for students new to the yoga practice, and for anyone wanting to slow down and focus on the basics.
The series is $55 and includes a 4 class pass to try additional classes during the series.


The series will start at a gentle pace as students are thoroughly introduced to basic yoga postures, or asanas. This class will focus on breath and body awareness, which are two very important aspects of yoga. Teachers will introduce various breathing techniques which are used in yoga to reach various healing goals and enhance the benefits of the practice. Students will learn the importance of connecting the breath with body movement as they are guided through each posture.


Class two will introduce several new standing postures while continuing to build off the same sequence students learned in the previous class. Students will gain further knowledge of proper alignment and benefits of standing postures including Mountain Pose (Tadasana), Warrior 1, and Warrior 2. Standing poses build strength and aid in quieting the chatter of the mind. They also build confidence and a feeling of being grounded and stable. Expect to leave this class with a feeling of complete stability, in your body, mind, and life.


Keeping consistent with the sequence introduced in weeks 1 and 2, the instructor will provide you with detailed alignment cues as you enter and exit balance poses in a safe and steady manner. Balancing poses act to create balance or reflect the current state of balance in both mental and physical bodies.


After completing the first three classes, you will be able to recognize how much you have learned as you flow through the sequence practiced in the previous three weeks. Level four classes are designed to provide review and practice the sequence at a slightly faster pace. The yogic principles will be tied together, resulting in a thorough understanding of the basics of a yoga practice. Lastly, your instructor will provide you with information on the other classes and instructors at Bodyworks. The instructor will also be available to answer any individual questions you may have as to what classes or instructors would be a perfect fit for you!

 It’s the perfect time to start where you are

Feeling a bit nervous or intimidated at the thought of getting started? You’re not alone!
Trying something new is always a bit challenging but let us put your mind at ease!
Our staff and students are a very welcoming community.  Bodyworks is a judgement free zone!
You don’t need to be able to touch your toes.
No special clothing is needed, although everyone owns a pair of yoga pants right?!
We have classes for every fitness level: from slow and gentle, to hot and vigorous.
If you have a yoga mat, bring it.  Otherwise, we’ve got you covered!